Mailing address: 611 East Prospect Avenue, State College, PA 16801
Meeting place address: 611 East Prospect Avenue, State College, PA 16801
Wheelchair accessible
Hearing assistance system available
Telephone: 814-237-7051 – Meeting House
Web site: http://www.statecollegefriends.org
E-mail: office@statecollegefriends.org
First Day: Worship: 11:00 am
First Day School: 10:45 am
Business Meeting: First First Day of the month: 9:00 am
Travel directions: State College, Pennsylvania, is in central Pennsylvania. From Harrisburg use 322W. Use Business Route 322 into State College. Turn right (north) on University Drive; go 1.2 miles. Turn left (west) on East Prospect Avenue. Go one block to the Meeting House. From Huntingdon Pennsylvania, use Route 26 to University Drive and turn south.
State College Meeting History
Contacts: Clerk: Gary Fosmire; Assistant Clerk: Ann Sidone; Treasurer: Judy Melville; Recording Clerk: Dorothy Habecker; Advancement & Outreach: Doris Malkmus; Care & Concern: Lynne Grutzeck; Finance: Claudia Wilson; Nominating: Sue Knox; Peace & Social Action: Cathy Klein; Religious Education: Rebecca Lerner & Jill Gomez; Worship & Ministry: Martin Melville; Newsletter Editor: Cynthia Bartok